Work Health & Safety


Work Health & Safety

Your practice documentation is probably the single most effective safety net to guard your practice from risk and liability. Under Australian Work Health and Safety legislation, every practice is required to have a documented risk management process – do you have one?

The Law

Safety and health in Western Australian workplaces is regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act,1984. Victorian workplaces are regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, and all other Australian workplaces by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. These Acts and their accompanying Regulations place responsibilities on employers to provide a safe workplace for their staff, clients and visitors, provide adequate protective equipment as required; and train staff to perform their work safely.

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To achieve the standards required by the Acts and Regulations relevant to your location, there are a number of Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidance Notes to follow. These cover areas such as:

  • Codes of Practice

  • First aid facilities and services
  • Workplace amenities and facilities
  • Personal protective clothing and equipment
  • Manual tasks
  • Managing noise and workplaces
  • Safe design and buildings and structures
  • Working hours
  • Violence, aggression and bullying at work
  • Control of work related exposure to blood-borne viruses.
  • Guidance Notes

  • Consultative processes
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Duty of care.
  • Standards

  • AS/NZA 4815:2006: Office-based health care facilities – Reprocessing of reusable medical and surgical instruments and equipment, and maintenance of the associated environment.

As a dental practice, you are also required to have documented infection prevention and control processes that reflect your commitment to the current legislation, regulations and Dental Board of Australia requirements.

Want to see if your workplace is safe? WorkSafe WA offers a free simple safety quiz.


The Process

If an audit is conducted, your documentation needs to show that you are compliant with the relevant legislation and detail the processes in place to reduce any risks to as low as reasonably practicable.

Managing your Work Health & Safety responsibilities is also a necessary step for dental accreditation.

Amalgamate has a full understanding of dental risk management requirements and how to document them for your practice.

work health safety for dentists

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