Update on AS/NZS 4187 and AS/NZS 4815

  • update on as/nzs 4187 and as/nzs 4815
    June 2, 2019

    Back in May 2018, I wrote about the proposal to develop one new standard (and withdraw the current AS/NSZ 4187 and AS/NZS 4815).

    The Australian Dental Association drafted a project proposal and it has been accepted by Standards Australia.

    What did the proposal say?

    The proposal recommends to develop a new standard with a new name and number and withdraw both AS/NZS 4815 and AS/NZS 4187.

    The standard would further be supported by guidance documents that detail how to meet the standards in your healthcare setting.

    What happens now?

    Now we wait for the committee at Standards Australia to develop the new standards! Time? Unknown!

    The technical committee (HE-023) at Standards Australia is the committee responsible for development of the new standard.

    The committee is comprised of various organisations who have an interest in the standards. This includes the Australian Dental Association, Australian College for Infection Prevention and Control, Dept. of Health (WA), and many others. If you are interested in seeing who else is on the committee, click here: http://www.sdpp.standards.org.au/ActiveProjects.aspx?SectorName=Health%20and%20Community%20Services&CommitteeNumber=HE-023&CommitteeName=Processing%20of%20Medical%20and%20Surgical%20Instruments#simple2

    In the meantime,…

    You must still comply with the current standard, either AS/NSZ 4815 or AS/NZS 4187 depending on your healthcare setting.