Protecting Baby Teeth – Made Simple!

  • September 14, 2016

    Protecting Baby Teeth – Made Simple!

    Many people still believe that baby teeth aren’t important as they will fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. But children need strong healthy baby teeth to chew and speak clearly. And some baby teeth stay around till at least 12 years of age! And, who wants to see their child, or any child, in pain?!

    So, is it possible to avoid tooth decay in your child’s baby teeth? Yes, it is!

    Protecting baby – or tiny – teeth

    “Protecting Tiny Teeth” is an online digital resource and is narrated by renowned science personality ‘Dr. Karl’ Kruszelnicki. He explains the importance of introducing good eating habits from a very early age, how and why tooth decay occurs as well as how fluoride works to fight tooth decay and repair damage to tiny teeth. Go 2 and 5!

    There are so many sites that offer information about preventing tooth decay but this one of the best education videos I have seen.

    The video was an initiative of the Australian Dental Association NSW and supported by the NSW Health Centre for Oral Health Strategy.