Infection Control Management Plans for Queensland Dental Practices

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    July 23, 2018

    All dental practices have a legal responsibility to ensure the risk of spreading infectious diseases is prevented or minimised. The Dental Board of Australia set a number of industry guidelines, in particular, every practice must have a customised infection control manual.

    But, if you are the owner/operator of dental practices located in Queensland, did you know that you are required to have one more document called an Infection Control Management Plan (ICMP)? This is thanks to Chapter 4 of the Public Health Act 2005 (Queensland).

    What is an Infection Control Management Plan?

    An ICMP is a documented plan to prevent or minimise the risk of infection for your patients, staff and yourself.

    What do I put in my Infection Control Management Plan?

    There are ten areas/elements in an ICMP:

    1. Handwashing and hand hygiene
    2. Personal protective equipment
    3. Management of blood/body fluid exposures
    4. Infection control and employee health
    5. Immunisation
    6. Environment hygiene
    7. Pre-treatment assessment of infection control risk
    8. Non-reuse of single use medical devices and reprocessing of reusable medical devices
    9. Delegation of responsibly for infection prevention and control
    10. Process for the investigation of infection control incidents

    In a nut-shell, the plan will explain the measures taken to prevent or minimise each risk and how you make sure that the measures you have in place are suitable and effective.

    How Amalgamate Can Help?

    Don’t know where to start?  Don’t have the time? 

    Amalgamate can coordinate with your practice to create an ICMP that is:

    • Compliant
    • Easy to understand
    • Ready to use right away
    • Provided in Microsoft Word