Infection Control Checklist for Dentists

  • September 16, 2015

    Infection Control Checklist for Dentists

    Back on 2 July 2015, it was reported in the news that four dental clinics in New South Wales had been investigated due to concerns regarding infection control and this had resulted in suspension and restricted registration conditions for a number of dentists.

    The Dental Board of Australia’s latest Communique (3 September 2015) contained further sobering information. Since 16 July 2015, the Dental Council of New South Wales has received more complaints about dental hygienists, dental prosthetists and dentists about further infection control breaches. As a result a further two practitioners have been suspended and conditions placed on one practitioner. To help dental practitioners meet their infection control obligations, the Dental

    Board of Australia has recently published a self-audit tool (checklist) for dental practitioners. This tool is not a comprehensive list, but will give an overall picture on how well you comply with the Board’s Guidelines on Infection Control. Even if you believe that you and your practice comply with the guidelines and implement appropriate infection control protocols, it is well worth taking the time to complete the tool and reflect on how well you comply and if there are any gaps. There is also a fact sheet to download that provides further information for practitioners and members of the public.

    And to make it simpler, the Board has now placed all relevant infection control information on one webpage; to access the self-audit tool and fact sheet click here.