If Saliva Were Red…

  • July 28, 2015

    If Saliva Were Red…

    I attended an Infection Control Course in Perth last week presented by the fabulous Megan Sharpe. Megan recommended watching a video titled “If Saliva Were Red” to reinforce the basics of infection control when working in a dental surgery. This 8 minute long video shows what it would be like if saliva was red so that droplets, spray and cross-contaminated surfaces can easily be seen.

    Infection Control in the Dental Surgery

    It is well worth watching the video produced by the Organisaton for Safety, Asepsis & Prevention (OSAP). Viewers are shown three versions of the same dental procedure. In the first two versions, errors in infection control techniques are shown. The red food dye is introduced during the second version and red dye appears all over the instruments, on the dentist and nurse’s face, telephone and on a patient chart as a result of their improper techniques. There is no narration, but the graphic demonstration is vivid and you will easily remember it!

    Review your Infection Control practices

    As you watch the video, review your own personal infection control procedures at work.

    • How did you go?

    • Do you follow your practice’s infection control procedures found in the Infection Control Manual?

    • Do you understand the basic principles of infection control and keep up-to-date with regular infection control courses?

    It is important to remember that all dental workers should receive appropriate infection control training and understand that they each have a responsibility (a duty of care) in minimising or preventing transmission of infectious diseases.

    Dental Accreditation

    If you are considering dental accreditation, your practice’s Infection Control Manual is one of the documents required to be submitted as evidence.

    Need help to manage your dental  accreditation journey?  Amalgamate is available to assist you – contact us via the contact page or phone 0428 917 700.