Documentation for Dentists



Do you struggle to keep your policies, procedures, manuals and registers up-to-date? These documents detail the daily functions of your dental clinic, ‘how things are done and why’, and should include your work health and safety and infection control and prevention processes.

When documents meet all legislative requirements they provide your practice with transparency, accountability and remove all ambiguity.

Roslyn will also work with you to develop any additional content as required, ensuring your documentation meets all current legislation, regulations, standards, Dental Board of Australia requirements and NSQHS Standards.

documentation for dentists

Specific documentation can be tailored to suit your practice and may include, but not be limited to:

  • Dental Practice Manuals

  • Work Health and Safety Manual
  • Employee Manual
  • Infection Control Manual.
  • Dental Registers

  • Incident/Accident
  • Staff Immunisation
  • Feedback/Complaint
  • Staff Education and Training.
  • Dental Policies

  • Governance
  • Partnering with Consumers
  • Infection Control
  • Medication Safety
  • Patient Identification, Rights and Handover
  • Work Health and Safety.

Document Editing

Well-designed and prepared written materials are a useful and valued resource for any practice. Amalgamate can review, edit and proofread your existing material for:

  • Format and presentation

  • Grammar and spelling

  • Consistency and completeness

  • Usability

  • Accuracy and correct cross-referencing

  • Alignment with current legislation and requirements.

Roslyn can suggest improvements and modifications, collaborating with you to reach a finalised version that incorporates her knowledge and experience, while accommodating your own preferences and specific practice needs.

To explore the professional advantage Amalgamate can bring to your practice, call 0428 917 700 or send Roslyn a message.