Dental Health Week 2015

  • August 5, 2015

    Dental Health Week 2015

    Welcome to Dental Health Week 2015! This is a great opportunity for me, as a dentist, to get out and promote the importance of healthy teeth, gums and mouths! Though most people will tell me I need no excuse! This year, Dental Health Week is all about ‘Sports and Oral Health.’ But even if you aren’t a sportsperson, you will find the information applies to you so please read on!

    Mouthguard policy competition

    The benefit of wearing a mouthguard can’t be stressed highly enough, but do you wear one when you play sport? Does your sport’s club have a Mouthguard Policy?

    If you require a policy, the Australian Dental Association in-conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia have made it easy and created a Mouthguard Policy free to download.

    The Australian Dental Association is also offering seven $1000 grants to sporting clubs and schools in Australia to help sports clubs and schools promote mouthguard awareness and injury prevention. Be quick as entries close 30 August 2015.

    Dental trauma

    Do you know what to do if an adult tooth is knocked out? Click here to find out what to do.

    Sports drinks, decay and tooth erosion

    Most people will have a sport drink because they taste good, and the idea of ‘electrolytes’ for fast hydration and a performance boost make these drinks even more appealing. Not only are sport drinks acidic and high in sugar but people tend to sip on them frequently during exercise rather than gulping all at once, increasing the time that teeth are exposed and vulnerable to dental damage. Click here for some tips to reduce the risk of tooth decay and erosion.

    Further information is available on the Dental Health Week website.