Dental Accreditation – Performance Reviews

  • September 4, 2015

    Dental Accreditation – Performance Reviews

    While some dental practices already conduct regular staff performance reviews, many dental practices are not for various reasons. Performance reviews can be handled poorly as it is seems to be when a time when a staff member is told everything they have done wrong since the last review. As a result, many employees can grow to resent their reviews. How can you change this?

    Make the performance review process a positive experience. Discuss what the staff member has done correctly, what areas could be strengthened and draw up a plan for improvement. Also, consider using employee self-reviews – this gives your staff member a way to reflect on their own performance.

    Why conduct dental staff performance reviews?

    If you are considering becoming an accredited practice, one of the pieces of evidence you will need to supply is copies (de-identified) of staff performance reviews. This is a positive thing.

    Investing the time to help your staff identify their strengths, develop their skills and have their hard work and commitment recognised will help them enjoy their work more, feel valued and part of a team. For the employer, the review helps create a benchmark on your staff member’s performance and provides a structure for remuneration.

    Interestingly, accreditation isn’t about being compliant – it is about quality improvement in an ongoing capacity to make sure you are following the correct legislation, looking after your staff and minimising risk for your patients.

    Need help to manage your dental accreditation journey?

    Amalgamate is available to assist you. Please contact Dr Roslyn Franklin via the contact page or phone 0428 917 700. I look forward to hearing from you.